Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So my little guy has been busy over the last couple of days.  He says so many cute, funny, shockingly intelligent things, that I can hardly keep up.  I can't believe he will be four in December.

Yesterday, we went to my parents' house and started up the back stairs.  There was a HUGE lizard crawling on the back porch.  Well, y'all know how I feel about lizards.  If you don't, then scroll back a few months and find out.  I looked around the yard and said, "Where is Maggie (my parents' cat) when you need her?"  Sam turned and looked around the yard, too.  Then he yelled, "Maaaaaaggiiiiiiiiiiiie, come heeeeeeeere!  It's an EMERGENCY!"  That might seem a little dramatic, but to me, a lizard actually IS an emergency.

Last night, I heard him getting into the fridge and rooting around.  He knows he is not supposed to do that.  So when he heard my footsteps behind him, he slammed the fridge door shut.  He stood with his back to the door and arms straight out, and he said, "There's nothing to see here!"  Right.  And when I open it the next day, I will find a matchbox car in my yogurt.  That's usually how that goes.

This morning, on the way to school, he started talking about Jesse, the cowgirl seen in Toy Story 2 and 3.  Sam has seen her in the form of toys, advertisements, etc, but has only seen the first Toy Story movie, in which she does not appear.  So asks me, "How come we never see Woody's assistant?"  I didn't know whether to be amazed that he knew the word assistant and used it correctly, or to be upset that he automatically assumed that the female character was the male's assistant.

 A few weeks ago, Sam was a little rowdy during circle time.  His teacher had to take him down to the preschool director's office for a bit.  When we arrived at school this morning, we walked past the director on the sidewalk and said good morning.  Sam turned and looked back at her, waving, and said, "Oh, today I don't have to come to your office!"  Well, we hoped so . . .

I did get a call when school was almost over and I was about to go pick him up anyway.  Something minor occurred which was not really bad behavior, but did require him to be removed from the classroom . . . and he ended up in the preschool director's office again.  While waiting for me to pick him up, he leaned in toward the director with chin in hands and little elbows on her desk.  "You know," he said, "It's really boring in here."

Just wait, buddy . . . being a grown up can be SUPER boring!  That is, until you have a three-year-old to liven things up.

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