Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New Year's Non-Resolution

I usually make one or two.  And a few have even been kept and accomplished.  So it's not that I have anything against New Year's Resolutions.  On the contrary, I think they can be extremely helpful in getting people to stop and assess where they are, where they would like to be, and what needs to be done to get there.  Goal-setting is an essential element to successful living.

But I am not making any resolutions that are specifically tied to the new year.  I currently have a different approach.  My idea is that I need to constantly be in a state of self-assessment.  Goal-setting, steps toward accomplishment, and celebration of milestones should be daily (as appropriate) without regard for the calendar.  Of course a new year is a great time to make fresh starts, mentally.  But every day can be a fresh start, no matter the date.  This can apply to relationships, work, self improvement, or anything else.  For me, it specifically relates to writing and business goals.  Days of rest are essential, too, but that doesn't mean you can't take your day of rest to reflect on where you are going.

Happy New Year, and may you find that every day is a new day for dreaming, contemplating, planning, working, celebrating.  "May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.  We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.  May the Lord grant all your requests."  Psalm 20:4-5 NIV

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Duckbilled Platypus and Other Problems

I am happy to report that I got over my sprained foot with little trouble.  All is well, and I am wearing all my shoes now.  But not all at one time.  You know what I mean.

The temporary immobility did cause me some stress, and I started to wage my annual Christmas Sinusitis battle.  I won last year, and I am bound and determined to win again this year.  Two years ago, it took me out flat.  We were moving into a new house, all my inlaws were scheduled to arrive about 10 days after we moved in, and I had a sinus infection so bad that my nose looked and felt broken.  Oh, and my grandfather died in the middle of all that, too.  When I spoke, I sounded like I had a clothespin on my nose.  That was a good day, when I actually had a voice.  A few months later, after two rounds of antibitotics and steroids, I emerged from the fog.  But it wasn't until the following summer that I could actually sing with the radio.  My voice was the last thing to return fully.

So when I coughed a few days ago and thought I heard a hint of congestion, I rolled my eyes and lined up all my meds and vitamins on the counter.  This evening, my husband asked me if I actually knew what all I took today.  Yes, I did, and I listed them for him.  He said my kidneys and liver are working overtime right now, which is fine with me if I can beat this thing.  And by the way, I am winning so far.  Benadryl, Flonase, ibuprofen, Airborne, Vitamin C and others are all in the fight now.  I think the Sinusitis knows it's going down.

And so it flank attacked me and gave me a cold sore.  One good lick before it went down for the year.  Just one good punch to remind me who's boss and say, "I'll be back next year.  Here's something to remember me by.  Merry Christmas."

Definitely the worst one I have ever had, this cold sore has managed to swell the lower part of my face over the last couple of days.  My husband and I have amused ourselves with the fact that I have the appearance of a Duckbilled Platypus.  Oh well, we have to find the humor in it somewhere, right?

I was not to be deterred from winning the battle, one way or another.  Sunday morning found me at the urgent care facility run by my doctors' office.  Now you can add an anti-viral I can't pronounce to that list of medications on the counter.  Thank goodness, this pesky thing has had a short life and is on the way out.  I'm just thankful that all the Christmas parties were last week, when I could hobble in with a simple sprained foot and enjoy them.  If they had been scheduled for this week, I most certainly would have missed them.  "I'm sorry we can't come to your party.  I have the appearance of a Duckbilled Platypus."  They would have thought I was making it up.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Men vs. Women: This is Funny

Below you will read an exchange between my husband and me.  It took place this morning.  I was sitting in front of my computer and reflecting on how our little boy gets so angry when one of his toys breaks.  He and I have discussed how he is actually sad, but it feels safer to be angry than to be sad, so he prefers anger.  Just like most men.  I started giggling.

Chip:  What's funny?
Me:  Men and their anger.
Chip:  Why?
Me:  I dunno, even from toddlerhood, it seems men are capable of one emotion: anger.
Chip:  Yeah?  And?
Me:  When you're sad, you react with ANGER!  Frustration?  ANGER!  Disappointment?  ANGER!  Stress?  ANGER!  Vulnerability?  ANGER!  Depression?  ANGER!
Chip:  Yep.  And you wanna know why?
Me:  Hm.  Women?
Chip:  You got it.

I thought so.  I was just checking.

Technological Upgrade for this Author

I am NOT, I repeat, NOT a computer nerd.  I have great respect for computer nerds, and despite the use of the sometimes-pejorative word "nerd," I am in complete awe of them.  I can turn a computer on, figure out how to post to my blog (obviously), update facebook, just barely manage to update my website, and stuff like that.  But when it comes to promoting myself as an author online, I am way out of the loop.

So when I see these other blogs with the RSS feed symbol (I don't even really know what that is), I feel very intimidated.  I know that being an author is 10% writing a book and 90% marketing.  Nowadays, that means internet marketing.  Sure, having a blog is important and helpful.  But the hundreds and hundreds of hits I have on my blog every month are not indicated in the fewer followers I actually have.  And I do wish I could set up one of those little buttons where people could share my blog posts on Facebook or Twitter, but that is so confusing to me.  I know I need help.  I am not afraid to ask for it.

So that's why I have enlisted the help of my publisher.  In the coming weeks, you will see some exciting new things for the technology portion of my writing career . . . and I will announce them right here.  Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aw, Foot!! Getting Older is a Pain.

I am accustomed to various aches, pains, twinges, and the like.  First of all, I just turned 39.  Secondly, I have given birth.  Third, said birth means that I now chase a four-year-old boy around for the better part of my day.  "Put that down!"  "Stop that!"  "We do NOT put (fill in the blank) in our mouths!"  "Do you need to go potty?"  "Uuuugggghhhh, if you wanted to do a craft, why didn't you just tell me?  Now there's glue in your hair."  "How did you get on top of the refrigerator?"  "Are you sure you don't have to go potty?"  "How did THAT get in THERE?!" 
Now what that means is that when I do even notice the aches and pains, I usually ignore them and go on.  Women who stay home with their small children don't have time for pain or illness.  I can't say how long it's been, but for quite a while, I have noticed a feeling in the bottom of my left foot like a pulled muscle.  Oh, and I have had a small red bump on my leg for over a year.  And a weird flaky spot on my face.  Maybe more headaches than I used to get.  The list goes on, but I won't bore you with all my old lady maladies.  The trouble, though, is that women tend to overlook things anyway.  That's because we are tough.  Last year, I reluctantly dragged myself into the urgent care clinic to find out that I had just passed a kidney stone.  "Is that what that was?!"  I asked the doctor incredulously.  Waving my hand, I reported, "Oh, I've had those before!  Didn't even go to the doctor."
So on Saturday, after having given my son's birthday party a few days before and having attended another two birthday parties for four-year-olds earlier in the day, I almost thought nothing of it when it became excruciating to walk on my left foot.  After all, children's birthday parties are stressful and hellish at best a great chance for the kiddos to burn off some energy.  Refer to the quotes above.
When I couldn't get a shoe on my foot for the pain and swelling on Sunday, I sent my husband and son off to church without me.  Ahhhh, I thought.  Nice quiet house to myself for an hour.  But by Tuesday morning, I cried "Uncle!!" and went to the P.A.
I had somehow sprained the top of my left foot.  And now I have to stay "off" of it.  Bwahahahaha!  The P.A. is great, and a sweet girl, but she doesn't have children.  I'll try, but I won't be off of it completely.  The anti-imflammatory drug made for some nice, deep sleep last night, though.
Oh, and the pulled muscle feeling in the bottom of my foot?  That was Plantar Fasciitis.  No extra charge for that.  And the bump on my leg?  An old abcess that was never attended, so now it's scar tissue.  I try not to overwhelm her with too many extra unrelated things when I go in.  She might try to refer me to a gerontologist.