Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Powdered wigs and Civil War soldiers

Well, I said I was going to start writing fiction more, but here's yet another thing in which I have been involved lately.  I actually guided a local trolley tour, filling in for a friend who is a local historian but was under the weather.  Now, keep in mind, when I guided this tour, I was being passed the baton from nationally known, award winning Storyteller Tim Lowry, who had just done the tour before.  In his straw hat and bow tie, he regales passengers with Gullah folk tales and stories about southern cuisine.

And then, there was little old me, whose greatest success was giving away signed copies of my books to passengers who answered questions correctly.  Thankfully, on my tour, the trolley made its first-ever stop at the most historic church in Summerville, where we were delighted by Reverend John Scott greeting us in the attire of an 1800's clergyman!  St. Paul's is wonderful in its own right, with Civil War soldiers buried in the cemetery.  Instead of talking for an hour and a half, I was left with about an hour to fill.  My passengers loved the church and Reverend Scott so much, I had to ask the driver to ring the trolley's bell to get them to get back on!  Here's the story:

Trolley Talk by Barbara Lynch Hill, in the Summerville Journal-Scene